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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Communication and Digital Media, BA

A degree in Communication and Digital Media gives students the knowledge and skills to succeed in human communication and the emerging field of digital communication. This exciting career is increasingly linked to corporate, entertainment, government, human resources, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, and nonprofit settings. This program is designed to produce career-ready graduates in digital production, communication studies, and strategic communication. As a part of this major, students build their creative and team-building skills and develop useful professional networks. All Communication and Digital Media students are encouraged to complete a Dallas-area internship before they graduate.

Program Coordinator: Sara Holmes, Phone: 972-338-1820, Email:

Click here for the Recommended Course Sequence degree plan.



Building Blocks for the Degree

1. Texas Core Curriculum: All students are required to complete 42 hours of the Texas Core Curriculum to earn a degree.

2. Major Requirements:  The communication and digital media major requires 42 hours, including 21 hours in the major core requirements, 9 hours in a major concentration, and then 12 hours of prescribed electives. Students should complete 3000-level course before enrolling in 4000-level courses.

3. Major Concentrations: One of three concentrations is required in the major:

a) Digital Production is for individuals who intend to create, edit, and distribute digital media productions, especially audio and video for a broad range of applications.

b) Strategic Communication is for those seeking experience in public relations and advertising, with a special focus on digital communication media.

c) Communication Studies provides the tools and techniques for improving communication in all areas of personal and professional interaction, including law, political organizing, public affairs, and consulting, among others.

4. Other Courses:   Students must have a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate with a degree from UNTD.  Students may complete a minor, certificate program or general elective courses to meet this requirement.


Core Curriculum Recommendations

UNTD adheres to the Texas Core Curriculum established in Texas Education Code Chapter 61, Subchapter S. Courses designated on the transcript as a Core Foundation Area will be applied to the Texas Core Curriculum.  As a new Freshman student starting at UNTD (or transfer student looking ahead to attend UNTD), taking the recommended UNTD courses (or equivalent) can reduce hours to degree and provide more opportunities for elective courses.


Texas Core Curriculum, 42 hours

Courses with an asterisk (*) also count for the major.


Major Core Requirements, 21 hours


Major Concentrations, 9 hours

Select from the following 3 possible concentrations and complete the courses listed.


Concentration 1Digital Production


Concentration 2: Strategic Communication


Concentration 3: Communication Studies


Additional Suggested Communication & Digital Media Electives​

This list of communication and digital media courses exhibits possible elective courses a student can take to deepen the level of learning in the selected concentration or sample from other concentrations to gain a breadth of learning across the major. Prerequisites vary.


Concentration 1Digital Production


Concentration 2: Strategic Communication



Concentration 3: Communication Studies


Major Electives​, 12 hours


Additional UNTD Degree Requirements

  • All students must meet the General University Requirements  as well as the major requirements.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Grade of C or better in all major courses other than Texas Core Curriculum Courses unless also fulfills a major requirement.
  • Communication and Digital Media major GPA of 2.0 or higher


Total hours to complete degree: 120 semester credit hours