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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

University Academic Programs and Degrees

The University of North Texas at Dallas offers programs that result in the awarding of Bachelor of Arts (BA)Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees upon completion of degree requirements. Further, students can develop plans of study that include minor and certificate programs to deepen learning and marketability. If elected and otherwise noted, minors and certificates must be completed with a major degree program.

Students can also pursue post-baccalaureate education to earn degrees such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA)Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Management (MMgt) degrees as well as the Juris Doctor (JD). See the College of Law Catalog and Undergraduate Catalog for more information.


Graduation Under a Particular Catalog

Students are designated a catalog that includes the academic requirements that they must meet to graduate with a degree from UNT Dallas. These requirements are important for students to understand to make progress to degree. Rules regulating the catalog assigned to students are as follows:

  1. A student may meet the graduation requirements noted in the catalog in effect at the time of admission to UNT Dallas or the requirements in any later catalog published before the student’s graduation.
  2. Any student transferring directly from a Texas community college to UNT Dallas shall have the same choice of catalog published degree requirements as the student would have if the dates of attendance at the university had been the same as the dates of attendance at the community college. Transfer students from senior institutions or out-of-state community colleges will use the catalog in effect at their date of enrollment at UNT Dallas.
  3. All requirements of the chosen catalog must be met within eight years of that catalog’s publication. This catalog will expire at the close of the 2030 Summer semester/term.  Any student who does not attend UNT Dallas for one full academic year must meet the requirements of the catalog effective the semester of the student’s return.
  4. Changes in either major or non-major requirements made necessary by altered or discontinued courses or by requirements imposed by external accrediting or certification agencies become effective for degree audit purposes at the beginning of the academic year immediately following the academic year in which the changes are published in the university catalog. The changes may include additions, deletions and other changes in prerequisite requirements for existing courses. Whenever possible, new requirements are implemented with a beginning class or upon the expiration of the appropriate time limit.

If a change in the academic catalog is necessary, speak with your academic advisor for more information. 


Degrees and Academic Programs Offered at UNT Dallas

Institution Department Baccalaureate Master’s Doctoral CIP Code



Credit Hours

Minor or

Certificate (Hours)

School of Business            
Accounting BBA     52.0301.00 120  
Business Administration   MBA   52.0201.00 30  

Business Analytics

BBA     30.7102.00 120 Minor (18)
Commercial Real Estate      


  Minor (18)
Finance BBA     52.0801.00 120  
General Business BBA     52.0101.00 120  
Hospitality Management BBA     52.0901.00 120

Minor (18)

Certificate (24)**

Management   MMgt   52.0201.00 30 Minor (18)

Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

BBA     52.1003.00 120  
Supply Chain and Marketing Management BBA     52.0203.00 120  
Business Foundations           Minor (18)
Credit Analysis       52.0803   Certificate (24)**
Dealership Management          

Minor (18)

Certificate (21)**

Entrepreneurship           Minor (18)
Event Management           Certificate (15)
Hospitality Logistics & Distribution           Certificate (15)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management           Certificate (18)***
Marketing           Minor (18)
School of Education            
Curriculum & Instruction   MEd   13.0301.00 36 Certificate (24)
Educational Leadership   MEd   13.0401.00 30  
Education - EC-6 and 4-8 certifications and EC-12 LOTE BS     13.0101.00 120  
Alternative Teaching           Certificate (24)
Princiipal           Certificate (18)
School of Behavioral Health and Human Services            
Child Development & Family Studies BA     19.0706.00 120  
Clinical Mental Health Counseling   MS   42.2803.00 60  
Clinical School Counseling   MS   13.1101.00 60  
Human Services Management & Leadership BS     44.0000.00 120 Minor (18)
Licensed Professional Counselor Completion Plan           Certificate (12)
Alternative Dispute Resolution           Certificate (12)
Applied Gerontology           Certificate (12)
College and Career Readiness           Certificate (15)
Mediation           Certificate (15)***
Nonprofit Management          

Minor (18)

Cetificate (12)

Peer Support Specialist           Certificate (15)**
Substance Abuse & Addiction           Certificate (12)
Substance Abuse for Professionals           Certificate (12)**
Substance Addictions           Minor (18)
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences            
Applied Arts & Sciences BAAS     30.999.40 120  
Applied English BA     23.1301.00 120  
Applied Spanish BA     16.0905.00 120  
Biology BA, BS     26.0101.00 120 Minor (18)
Chemistry BA, BS     40.0501.00 120 Minor (22)
Communication & Digital Media BA     09.0702.00 120  
Criminal Justice BS MS   43.0104.00

120 BS

36 MS

Minor (18)
History BA     54.0101.00 120  
Information Technology BA     11.0103.00 120  

Justice and Social Policy



Mathematics BA, BS     27.0101.00 120 Minor (18)
Political Science BA     45.1001.00 120 Minor (18)
Psychology BA, BS     42.0101.00 120 Minor (18)
Public Health BA, BS     51.2201.00 120  
Public Leadership   MS   44.0401.00 36  
Sociology BA     45.1101.00 120 Minor (18)
Applied Linguistics           Minor (21)
Computer Science           Minor (18)
Forensics           Minor (23-24)
Geographic Information System           Minor (18)
History           Minor (18)
Natural Resource Management           Certificate (15)
Rhetoric and Writing Studies           Minor (18)
Spanish for the Professions           Minor (21)
Sustainable Livestock and Poultry Management           Certificate (15)
Urban Farming and Gardening           Certificate (15)
College of Law            
Law     JD 22.0101.00 90  

** Stand-alone certificate. Students can pursue this certificate as a non-degree seeking student. All other certificates must be pursued with a bachelor’s degree.

*** Students can pursue this certificate as a non-degree seeking student or may be pursued with a bachelor’s degree.