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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

School Counseling, MEd

A Master of Education Degree in School Counseling will professionally develop school counselors and prepare individuals seeking certification for School Counseling in Texas. The 48-credit master’s degree must be completed at the graduate level. The program allows for a track in either Elementary School Counseling or Secondary School Counseling. The master’s degree requires an internship in lieu of a thesis. The internship should be the last enrollment in the master’s program. The University of North Texas at Dallas is an approved school counseling certification program of the Texas Education Agency. The Counseling programs at UNT Dallas are nationally accredited by CACREP (Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs).

In addition to completing the course work, candidates must also have 2 years creditable teaching experience and pass the TExES School Counselor exam to become certified school counselors in Texas.

For details on requirements to become a Certified School Counselor in Texas, visit the Texas Education Agency website at

Program Department Chair: Dr. Samuel Bore, Email:


TEA School Counseling Program Objectives

Graduate coursework requirements leading to school counseling certification are established by the State Board for Education Certification and addressed in Title 19 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §239.15. Thus, the specific Student Learning Outcomes are:

  • Understand the professional issues such as history theories, practices of school counseling, learner developmental characteristics and needs, legal and ethical standards, and school counselor role and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate skills to promote the educational, personal, social, and career development of the learner
  • Understand the processes that address the development, monitoring, and evaluation of a developmental school guidance and counseling program that promotes learners’ knowledge, skills, motivation, and personal growth
  • Support equity and excellence in the promotion of academic success for all learners by acknowledging, respecting, and responding to diversity while building on similarities
  • Communicate through the demonstration of effective professional and interpersonal exchanges in the advocacy of all students in the school
  • Participate in professional development through a commitment to learn, improve the profession, and model professional ethics and personal integrity


Admission Procedures

  1. Submit the following to the UNT Dallas Office of Graduate Admissions:
    1. Graduate School Application for Admission (
    2. Graduate School General Application Form (
    3. Official copies of all college transcripts
    4. Official GRE scores from the Educational Testing Service (allow three to four weeks for the test to be received by the Graduate School)
  2. Submit additional admission materials for review by the Department of Counseling and Human Services. 
    1. 3 Letters of Recommendation Forms
    2. one-page, type-written Writing Sample. 
    3. A copy of your Teaching Certificate (if applicable)
    4. A copy of your Teaching Service Record (if applicable)
    5. If applicable, a signed copy of the Acknowledgement of the Requirements for School Counseling Certification in Texas (for candidates without teaching experience)


All required admission materials must be filed in the program office by the deadlines stated on the Office of Graduate Admission website.

Note: Each applicant is required to participate in an orientation and interview. Details will be given to applicants if they meet the Graduate School Admissions.


Admission Standards

  • Applicants must submit the official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores on the verbal, quantitative, and writing sections to the Graduate School for admission to the program. 
  • Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA on the last 60 undergraduate semester hours of work prior to receiving the bachelor’s degree, or a 2.8 GPA on all undergraduate work toward the bachelor’s degree, to be considered for unconditional admission to graduate studies at UNT Dallas. Applicants who have already completed a master’s degree must have at least a 3.4 GPA on the master’s or meet the undergraduate GPA standards.
  • Applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants for the school counseling program that have at least two (2) years creditable teaching experience in K-12 public or private schools. Students must submit their teacher service record indicating two years of creditable teaching experience.
  • All students granted admission to the master’s program are required to enroll in   during the first term/semester of enrollment in graduate school and must receive a grade of B or higher. Concurrent enrollment in   and   is encouraged. The student’s progress is evaluated on the basis of the demonstration of adequate subject matter knowledge and the personal and interpersonal skills required for counseling.
  • Throughout the program the student will be routinely evaluated on the criteria of knowledge, personal and interpersonal skills and counseling skills to determine if progress is adequate, if remedial work is needed or if the student should be withdrawn from the program.
  • This degree requires a passing score on the comprehensive examination administered during the student’s internship.


Degree Requirements

48-hour degree with concentration in either Elementary School Counseling or Secondary School Counseling

*The MEd degree requires a minimum of 48 semester hours, including successful completion of internship,

 / , and passing a comprehensive examination.



All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.


Clinical Classes


Track Specific Classes

Elementary School Counseling


Secondary School Counseling


Certification - School Counselor

The program is recognized by the Texas Education Agency as an approved Educator Preparation Program for School Counselors. All 48 credits of the master’s degree are completed at the graduate level. Students must complete the core courses for the master’s degree plus one concentration content area.  

Eligibility for School Counseling Certification: In order to receive recommendation for school counselor certification through UNT Dallas, students must:

  • Successfully complete the 48-credit Master of Education in School Counseling degree which includes 200 hours of coursework and 160 hours of supervised school counseling experience.
  • Submit certification application and fee to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
  • Submit fingerprinting for Federal background check through TEA.
  • Pass all appropriate state certification exams which includes the TExES 152 School Counselor Exam
  • Have 2 years of creditable teaching experience in K-12 public



  • See the UNT Dallas Teacher Certification Officer (Dallas 1, Room 201Q) for more information.