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2018-2019 Catalog: Undergraduate, Graduate, and College of Law 
2018-2019 Catalog: Undergraduate, Graduate, and College of Law [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication and Technology, BA

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A degree in Communication & Technology gives students the knowledge and skills to succeed in human communication and the emerging field of digital communication. This exciting career is increasingly linked to corporate, entertainment, government, human resources, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, and nonprofit settings. This program is designed to produce career-ready graduates in digital production, sports and entertainment broadcasting and promotion, communication studies, and strategic communication. As a part of this major, students build their creative and team-building skills and develop useful professional networks. All Communication & Technology students are encouraged to complete a Dallas-area internship before they graduate.

Program Coordinator: Sara J. Holmes

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communication and Technology includes the following:

  1. Hours Required and General/College Requirements: A minimum of 120 semester hours, including 42 hours General Education Core Curriculum, 18 hours Major Core Curriculum, 12 hours Prescribed Electives, 9 hours Required Concentration Courses, and 39 hours Free Electives.
  2. Major Requirements: Completion of a minimum of 39 hours from Communication and Technology: 18 hours Major Core Curriculum Courses, 12 hours Prescribed Major Electives, and 9 hours of Major Concentration Courses. Students should complete 3000-level courses before enrolling in 4000-level courses.
  3. Concentrations: One of four concentrations is required in the major:
    1. Digital Production is for individuals who intend to create, edit, and distribute digital media productions, especially audio and video for a broad range of applications.
    2. Sports and Entertainment Communication is for individuals who want to report on and produce sports or entertainment communication, including broadcast production.
    3. Strategic Communication is for those seeking experience in public relations and advertising, with a special focus on digital communication media.
    4. Communication Studies provides the tools and techniques for improving communication in all areas of personal and professional interaction, including law, political organizing, public affairs, and consulting, among others.
  4. Requirements: All students entering the Communication and Technology program must have a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 and be in good academic standing.


Students will earn 42 hours in University core curriculum courses. Then, they will earn 39 hours of major requirements and 39 hours of free electives.

Major Core Curriculum

TECM 2300 - New Media Writing, COMM 2311 - Introduction to Social Media, COMM 2312 - Visual Communication and New Media, COMM 3311 - New Media Storytelling, COMM 3312 - New Media Literacy, COMM 4510 - Communication and Technology Capstone 

Prescribed Electives

Choose four courses in any level Communication and Technology Elective (Any COMM prefix, SOCI 2050 - Sociology of Sport, or CSCE 3410 - Advanced Programming)


Choose one concentration (9 hours). Suggested Electives are listed for each concentration.

Digital Production
Required Concentration Courses (9 Hours) Suggested Electives
COMM 2110 Screenwriting COMM 2230 Digital Photography 
COMM 3321 Digital Production I COMM 2400 Audio for New Media 
COMM 4320 Digital Production II COMM 2410 Web Design 
  COMM 2314 Computer Graphics
  COMM 4460 Topics in Digital Production 
Sports and Entertainment Communication
Required Concentration Courses (9 Hours) Suggested Electives
COMM 2240 Sports and Entertainment Writing COMM 2410 Web Design
COMM 2220 Sports and Ent. Public Relations COMM 2400 Audio for New Media
COMM 4210 Sports and Ent. Broadcast & Production  COMM 3341 Sports Announcing 
  COMM 3331 Advanced Social Media 
  COMM 4470 Topics in Sport & Ent. Comm .
Strategic Communication
Required Concentration Courses (9 Hours) Suggested Electives
COMM 2310 Intro. to Strategic Communication COMM 2410 Web Design 
COMM 3330 Creative Concepts COMM 3332 Communication Law
COMM 4310 Strategic Communication Campaigns  COMM 3331 Social Media Campaigns 
  COMM 4470 Topics in Strategic Communication 
  COMM 4500 Crisis Communication 
Communication Studies
Required Concentration Courses (9 Hours) Suggested Electives
COMM 2352 Professional Communication COMM 2310 Intro. to Strategic Communication
COMM 2200 Intro. to Interpersonal Communication COMM 3120 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 3352 Intercultural Communication COMM 3350 Language, Thought, and Behavior
  COMM 3600 Group Communication
  COMM 4350 Gender and Communication

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