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2010-2011 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

The following section includes some of the many services provided to students from the Office of Student Life and Success. For more information, call (972) 780-3632 or e-mail: StudentLife@unt.edu.

New Student Orientation

All accepted undergraduate students new to UNT Dallas are required to attend an orientation for academic advisement prior to registration for classes.

New freshman students entering in the fall term/semester are invited to attend a one day orientation session where they receive individual attention and assistance with class scheduling. Orientation dates for students’ particular major are listed at my.unt.edu where student may also register for orientation. These sessions are conducted during June, July and August. Orientation includes campus life sessions, placement testing, academic advising, registration for classes and completion of the tuition and fee payment process. Currently, there is no fee for orientation.

Transfer students can choose to attend one of several one-day Summer Orientation sessions. Each session focuses on registering for classes, meeting with an advisor and learning about campus resources.

Orientations are also held each January and during the summer. These sessions are for students starting classes in the spring and summer terms/semesters.

All new undergraduate students receive orientation information following acceptance notification.

Questions regarding Orientation should be directed to the Office of Student Life and Success at 972-780-3632, or visit www.unt.edu/unt-dallas/orientation.

New international students are required to attend an orientation conducted by the International Welcome Center. UNT International Admissions Office currently conducts international student orientations for both UNT and UNT Dallas campuses. For more information, international students should contact UNT-International (http://www.international.unt.edu).

Please contact the orientation coordinator, Holly Joyner, for more information at: (972) 338-1777.

Disability Accommodation

The Office of Student Life and Success provides numerous services to students with physical and learning disabilities, including testing space and auxiliary space. Students with questions or concerns, and those wishing to request an accommodation should call Laura Smith, the Accommodations Coordinator in the Office of Student Life and Success, at 972-780-3632, TTY access: 888-937-9291.

First Year Seminars

A course offered to first year students to teach them the ins and outs of becoming successful UNT Dallas students and connect them with other new students as well as faculty and staff through a shared academic experience.

Student Organizations

An array of student clubs and organizations offer UNT Dallas students friendships with people of similar and varied interests and avenues for organized and meaningful service. Included are national honor societies, national professional societies, departmental clubs, and special focus groups. Enjoy your student experience at UNT Dallas by joining or starting a group of like-minded class-mates. For information, call the Office of Student Life and Success at 972-780-3632.

Career Fairs

Area organizations come to UNT Dallas to find qualified and motivated employees for all types of employment opportunities.

Career Services

Career Services provides a variety of employment opportunities- full-time and part-time and internships off campus to currently enrolled students and alumni. For information, call 972-338-1JOBor e-mail jaguarjobs@unt.edu. Information regarding on- and off-campus jobs can be accessed on the web site (jagjobs.unt.edu).


Student Advocacy is available through the Office of Student Life and Success. Students may come discuss issues with staff and receive referrals to campus/ community resources for a number of concerns, including: Academic and other adjustment problems ; Test anxiety ; Career indecision; Romantic or other relationship problems; Grief related to the loss of family member or friend; Stress; Family conflict; Major-life changes; Depression; Thoughts of suicide; Hopelessness; Anxiety; Alcohol and drug problems.

The Office of Student Life and Success maintains strict confidentiality of records and counseling relationships. No information disclosed in a counseling relationship is shared with anyone inside or outside the University unless provided by law.

Contact the Office of Student Life and Success (OSLS) for more information.